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At the moment we have so many different dried flowers in our collection. One of those dried flowers is Acroclinium. Acroclinium is known under many different names: Acroclinium roseum, Helipterum, Helipterum roseum, daisy flower, Rhodanthe and Zonnestrobloem. This highly appreciated flower gives the feeling of the countryside. Acroclinium is a small flower with delicate petals, which are ideal as a floral home decoration or as a decoration in a wedding.

Our unique drying process
Acroclinium Dried Flowers Lamboo Dried & Deco

There are so many possibilities to fully enjoy the Acroclinium! Acroclinium is the perfect ingredient to create a beautiful bouquet. At Lamboo Dried & Deco we like the look of Acroclinium combined with Delphinium, Setarea and Bleached Haver (avena) for example. Curious about our full collection (including Acroclinium)? Browse through our online catalogues!

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Our Acroclinium is sown, grown and harvested in Holland. After harvesting, the Acroclinium is brought to our own factory, located in Lisse. Here the Acroclinium is processed and made ready for the drying process. After enduring our unique drying process, the dried Acroclinium is packaged and ready to be shipped!

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Dried Acroclinium
Dried Acroclinium
Dried Acroclinium
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