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Decorative branches

Birch branches, Mitsumata, Latatwist, White Lady, Kuwa, John branch and Salix willow are just a couple examples of our Lamboo Dried & Deco decorative branches assortment. Decorative branches can be used a table decoration, in a vase or in combination with our other natural decorative products like our mixed dried bouquets. Garlands and wreaths also belong to the decorative branches collection.

Coloured decorative branches

We can bring different added values to our decorative branches like dyeing in trendy colours such as white-wash of for example glitters!

Discover our showroom with decorative branches

Most decorative branches, wreaths and garlands are available from our own stock. Contact us with any questions of make an appointment to visit our large showroom with our full collection of decorative branches. In our showroom you will see that besides our decorative branches, Lamboo Dried & Deco also offers other natural (dried) decoration materials, like picks for bouquets, table decoration, dried mixed bouquets, potpourris and dried flowers.

Do you want to know more about our decorative branches?

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