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DIY GUIDE - Wreath with rings

How to Create a Beautiful and Decorative Dried Flower Hoop: Step-by-Step Instructions

Transform your living space with a stunning, unique dried flower ring that exudes charm and elegance. Follow these detailed instructions to craft a decorative piece that will elevate any room’s ambiance. Whether you are looking to enhance your home decor with a touch of nature or seeking a thoughtful handmade gift, this project is perfect for adding a charming and personalized touch. With this DIY rings you can create a lasting piece that reflects your style and creativity, making any space feel more inviting and beautifully adorned.

DIY with rings
Contents of the box

The DIY with rings box contains the following items:

  • 5 different sets of dried flowers
  • 2 golden rings in 2 sizes: 1 x 20 cm Ø, 1 x 30 cm Ø
  • Wire
  • Rope

Additional requirements:

  • Scissors

1. Prepare Your Workspace:
Open the packaging and carefully lay the dried flowers on the table.

2. Separate the Flowers:
Gently cut the dried flowers apart.

3. Create Flower Sets:
Arrange different sets of dried flowers and tie them together using rope. For a large ring, make about 6 sets with 7 flowers each. For a small ring, prepare about 5 sets with 5 flowers each.

4. Trim the Sets:
Once the sets are created, trim the stems to approximately 0.5 inches below the rope.

5. Fill the Rings:
It’s time to arrange the sets in your rings! Arrange the flower sets to your liking and secure them with wire. Tip: Start binding from the center of the set and work towards the bottom for a neat finish.

6. Hang Your Creation:
Once the rings are complete, hang them on a wall or door using the cord.

Now you have a beautiful dried flower hoop to adorn your space!

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