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Producent droogbloemen / import gedroogde producten | Alleen zakelijke markt

Waste is the key pollution in our society; therefore, we have developed initiatives in the field of packaging. Our new standard is paper partly made from our own dried flower waste; Dried Flower Based Paper. Also, the closing stickers are made of this unique material. For individual packaging we furthermore offer the following options: Kraft paper, plant-based plastic transparent sleeves, a mix of kraft and plant-based sleeved fronts, or the more decorative paper sleeves. For transportation, our bunches are packed in recycled cardboard boxes without extra wrap or plastic and are then sealed with paper tape. When it comes to packaging, we always consider the environment.


Dried flowers are long lasting and therefore very sustainable. Logically, the main advantage of dried flowers is their extremely long vase life in comparison with fresh flowers. We will focus on stimulating and motivating the customers of our clients to use and enjoy our products longer. At our sustainable location site in Lisse, the Netherlands, we are focussed on minimalising our CO2 footprint. More than 360 solar panels – and growing – generate more than enough energy to meet our own consumption. Besides that, we use LED lighting that switches on with motion sensors. A great step towards a cleaner future.


To further expand and monitor our sustainability objectives we have joined the Horti Footprint Circle which aims to jointly reduce the CO2 share per part of the chain. To realize this, we map the entire chain from Seed to Dried Concept. With this information we are able to advise our customers and work on a further reduction of our CO2 Footprint.

From our environmental policy we are working on a continuous improvement of the environmental performance by controlling and reducing the environmental load. Besides focussing on our own activities and staff, we also want to challenge clients and suppliers to do the same.

Duurzaam drogen van bloemen

Issues such as Corporate Social Responsibility and respect for people and the environment are embedded in Lamboo Dried & Deco’s culture. We adapt our range step by step to a more sustainable level. In this development process it is important that the characters of Lamboo Dried & Deco quality as well as the market- base price will be engaged.

Lamboo dried & Deco has been ETI certified since 2015. Ethical trade means that retailers, brands and their suppliers take responsibility for improving the working conditions of the people who make the products they sell. Companies with a commitment to ethical trade adopt a code of labor practice that they expect all their suppliers to work towards. Such codes address issues like wages, hours of work, health and safety and the right to join free trade unions. Enclosed you find the Ethical Code of Lamboo.

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