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Pure and handcrafted Dried Flowers

Take a look at our dried flowers

Lamboo Dried & Deco is the Dutch producer of Dried Flowers and importer of natural decorations. We grow our own flowers in Holland and process these flowers in our dry rooms. We are able to create an extended range of natural seasonal decoration like; Dried Flowers, Preserved Products, Picks, branches, bouquets and potpourri. Most products receive an added value in our own atelier, such as colouring, glittering, snowing, scenting, wrapping and sleeving.

The assortment of Lamboo Dried & Deco

With dried flowers and preserved products anything is possible. They are beautiful to display in an interior, but dried flowers will also make any event or celebration complete. To get…

Since the start of Lamboo Dried & Deco we have always had a large range of dried flowers and other dried natural decorations. With the launch of our new website,…

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