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By controlling our production, we maintain the quality of our products and availability of stock all year round. Therefore we are the perfect retail partner by managing the whole supply chain of dried flowers. We also make sure our unique drying process captures the essence of the flowers at their optimum best. Our marketing and design department are constantly innovating with the latest trends. They create new bouquets, designs and arrangements to inspire every retailer. Working closely with our clients on a design brief that suits local needs and market demands.


A new private label concept begins with the desire to have a solution for your particular sales challenge. Our design team starts with a benchmark, analyses sales figures and price strategy, and then get to work on product development. Then the magic happens in creating a unique concept with tailormade bouquets or concepts. Creating product lines that follow your themes, mood boards, and brand direction.


Lamboo Dried & Deco brings the natural beauty of dried flowers to our customers and we build sustainable partnerships. We serve wholesalers, retailers, florists, and (e) retailers. For every market we offer personalised solutions. From ordering on demand to flexibility in order volume and e-commerce solutions for lifestyle brands up to tailor-made dried flower retail concepts.

Interested? Contact our sales team! They are available to answer all your questions and give personalised advice.





– Product designer at Lamboo Dried & Deco

Charlotte, our innovative product designer, is at the helm of crafting stunning bouquets and mix buckets tailored for every occasion, drawing inspiration from the latest trends. Whether it’s the chill of winter, the warmth of summer, the vows of weddings, the joy of Christmas, or any other celebration, Charlotte has it covered.

In her vision for 2024, Charlotte sees a world in need of positivity, warmth, and transparency, themes that resonate deeply in our new designs. Our “Loose Fit” and “Trendy” bouquets epitomize lightness and liberation, inviting you to experience depth and vibrancy in a three-dimensional canvas of botanical beauty. Each bouquet is meticulously crafted to showcase every element of its design, where contrast becomes the enchanting element.

Exciting compositions and elevated packaging options take center stage in our Dried Concepts catalogue, reflecting a growing appreciation for sustainable values. Dried flowers, renowned for their enduring beauty and eco-friendly footprint, are poised to ascend in popularity. At Lamboo Dried & Deco, our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship shines through every step of the process, ensuring excellence in every bouquet and arrangement we offer.

The products below are especially selected by Charlotte and you can find even more products in our webshop.


Enclosed the retail catalogues with different dried flowers possibilities. Besides the divers assortiment in de Dried Concepts catalogue, we also have a large assortment of tailormade retail deco for which we make special tailormade offers.

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