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Dried Flowers

From vibrant colors to natural shades

We have been producing Dried Flowers since 1982. As a grower and Dried Flower producer we have developed our knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest quality Dried Flowers. Our assortment of Dutch Dried Flowers is supplemented with exotics and other dried decoration, especially for bulk users as well as wholesalers. Our range includes an assortment of Dried Concepts with ‘ready to use’ Dried Flowers products, which are suitable for the wholesaler and retailer.

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Check out complete dried flower collection and possibilities in our catalogues. Besides Dried Flowers we offer a wide range of other natural decorations.

More than 35 years experience in drying flowers
Lamboo Dried & Deco Dried Flowers Experience

Lamboo Dried & Deco is a producer of Dutch Dried Flowers. In 1982 we started the production of Dried Flowers. In the course of time we have developed a unique drying process. Nowadays Lamboo Dried & Deco is unique as the main Dutch Dried Flower producer in the world!

Durability of our dried flowers

Today this process still guarantees us the best colouring and quality preservation. Dried Flowers own their reputation to their durability, but also their 100% natural product identity. Nowadays there is growing interest in hand-crafted, natural, rustic products. In this trendDried Flower are fitting extremely well. In summary, Dried Flowers are all-year-round products. Dried Flowers such as Nigella, Helichrysum, Delphinium, Rodanthe, roses, acroclinium, Sanfordii, Echinops, and do not forget Lavender, but also cereals such as Avena, Triticum, Phalaris, Lagurus are all available at Lamboo Dried & Deco.

Dried Flowers From Lamboo Dried & Deco
Dye Dried flowers in lively colours

We dye our Dried Flowers, which allows us to provide trendy and seasonal colours continuously. For example, for Christmas we have Triticum in different colours and with glitters.

Our extensive stock enables us to make Dried Flowers available all year round although they only flower in summer.

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