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10 reasons why dried flowers are the sustainable choice

Sustainability is at the heart of choosing dried flowers as modern and environmentally conscious decoration. Discover the 10 reasons why dried flowers are the perfect green choice:

1. Endless Vase Life:

Dry flowers retain their beauty for a very long time AND, of course, they don’t wilt. As a result, you also don’t need to replace them every week or two weeks, as you do with fresh flowers. This also minimises the need to produce and transport new flowers.

2. Water conservation:

Dry flowers require no water, unlike a bunch of fresh flowers that require a lot of water both while growing and in the vase. So you save a lot of water, more than you think.

3. Reduced Ecological Impact:

Dry flowers don’t need to be kept fresh. Fresh flowers need to be kept cool and transported. That takes a huge amount of energy. None of that applies with dried flowers. This makes for a lower ecological footprint when compared to fresh flowers.

4. Natural Process:

The drying process of flowers does not require any preservatives or chemicals. This makes dried flowers a more natural and eco-friendly option than some methods of preserving fresh flowers.

5. No Seasonal Restriction:

Dry flowers are available all year round, regardless of the season. The flowers are harvested once a year and can then be sold throughout the year. This reduces dependence on energy-intensive greenhouses and the import of flowers from other countries.

6. Minimal Waste Production:

Since dried flowers do not spoil and almost never need to be replaced, they produce significantly less waste. This contributes to the reduction of green waste. We use the residual waste we have at Lamboo to manufacture our own Dried Flower Based Paper.

Hanging of the bunches upside down7. Sustainable Reusability:

Dried flowers always retain their shape and colour. This makes them reusable again and again in various arrangements such as bouquets, wreaths and flower arrangements. As a result, you need to buy flowers less often and at the same time have much less waste.

8. Lower Carbon Emissions:

Because dried flowers are locally available, you need less transport. This makes dried flowers a greener choice with lower carbon emissions compared to fresh flowers.

9. Respect for Natural Growth:

The drying process preserves the natural growth and shape of flowers, without wasting extra energy on artificially manipulating specific shapes or colour shades.

10. Natural Degradation:

Dry flowers are biodegradable, so they leave no pollutants after their lifespan and can be easily composted.

Choose consciously and make dried flowers your sustainable statement in decoration.

Apart from all these uniform sustainable benefits of dried flowers, we at Lamboo also make sure that the whole process and route of both the product and the packaging is as sustainable as possible. Click here to find out more. You can also download our CSR leaflet with more information about our sustainability vision and efforts.

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