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Product information & conditions for natural and natural painted products


Naturel decoration materials are fully or partly made of natural grown products. Important conditions for these natural products are:

  • Size/weight/colour and shape can vary.
  • Due to weather influences the harvest (and therefore the products) can change annually in length / size / colour weight and availability.
  • For natural materials that are painted / glittered / snowed etc. the surface of the natural material (light – dark etc.) determines the final colour. So the base colour of product will have effect on the colour applied.
  • Paint is hand mixed, colour won’t have a 100% match with the pantone number, there will be a colour variation between production batches.
  • Beware some painted products may bleed and give off colour.
  • Beware Preserved products may bleed and give off colour when exposed to temperature changes.

Above characteristics and conditions should be taken into consideration. Lamboo Dried & Deco can therefore never provide guarantees to its natural products that ignore the condition as described above.


  • For our stock products the availability will be as long as stock lasts.
  • For the specific Dutch dried flowers, when harvest will be lower, everyone will be delivered in proportion of order.


  • Cartons need to be handled with care to avoid damage and marks.
  • Humidity during storage and transport influences the condition of the product and can cause moisture and mold.
  • Dry and dark transportation and storage is important with the minimum possible changes in temperature.
  • Storage in an ambient environment.


Samples are made with care, but because they are produced manually in small batches, the result will differ from the actual production batch.

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