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Dried flower wholesale

Lamboo Dried & Deco is a producer, importer, exporter, supplier and wholesaler of dried flowers. As a wholesaler of dried products, we have an extensive collection of dried flowers available. Lamboo Dried & Deco offers various seasonal dried flower decorations for special occasions and holidays, like: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter of course.

Our unique drying process
Wholesaler Dried Flowers

In 1982 Koos Lamboo founded Lamboo Dried & Deco. When he first started to produce dried flowers, he discovered a completely new and unique drying process, which made sure the colouring and quality of the dried flowers stays the way it is. We still use this drying process. Through the years Lamboo Dried & Deco got an important place in the market as a Dutch dried flower wholesaler.

Interested in our dried flower collection?

Browse through our catalogues to get an overview of our extensive dried flower and preserved products collection. If you are interested in buying our dried products, feel free to contact us so we can make an appointment to visit our showroom. As a dried flower wholesaler and supplier, we have years of experience. If needed, Lamboo Dried & Deco could give you a personal advice based on your needs for dried products.

Wholesaler Dried Flowers
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