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Lamboo Dried & Deco eco-friendly range

Over the years we have been able to adapt to the market, the new contemporary techniques, and conditions. Something we are always willing to continue to invest in are quality and sustainability. Quality because we want to deliver dried flowers and products of the best quality possible. This got us thinking… How do we make the sustainability part visible? Well, we’ve created an eco-friendly range, which you can recognize by the eco-friendly logo!

Eco-friendly dried flowers range

We don’t often say this, but we have a range of flowers, grasses, and stems that we ‘really do enjoy you throwing away’. Since 2015 we have been audited and approved as an ETI supplier. ETI supplier means our company follows the Ethical Trading Initiative standards. Since we care deeply about our supply chain and the impact on the environment, we try to make various improvements every year. Last year we introduced an eco-friendly range into our collection.

The criteria for our eco range are:

  • Once you want to refresh the dried flowers, the products from our eco-friendly product range, you can throw them in the compost bin.
  • No bleaching – just natural.
  • No painting – just natural colours.
  • Purely natural dried flowers and grasses.

Once a product fits these criteria, it gets the eco-friendly mark of approval in our catalogues and on our webshop.

Eco-friendly logo

How do you know a product is from our eco range? Well, we’ve added this eco-friendly logo to these products. When browsing through our catalogs, you will spot the logos.

Did you know… our boxes are sealed with paper tape? We made the decision to switch from plastic to paper tape. Besides that, we also use FSC 71% recycled unbleached board boxes.

Dried flowers from Lamboo Dried & Deco

Besides the eco-friendly range, we worked on some other sustainable improvements, which you can read about here. Interested in ordering dried flowers from Lamboo Dried & Deco? Go to our webshop!

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