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Lamboo Dried & Deco introduces its own Dried Flower Based Paper

Lamboo Dried & Deco wraps its dried flowers in paper using its own dried flowers

Use of its own residual waste makes for more sustainable packaging

As of this summer, Lamboo Dried & Deco will start packing its dried flowers in paper which is partly made from its own dried flower waste. The paper will be introduced under the name Dried Flower Based Paper. Sustainability is important to Lamboo. With their long vase life, dried flowers are a sustainable choice. Making the product more sustainable is a nice process. Besides the Dried Flower Based paper, the closing stickers are also made of the same material. Consumers can simply recycle the Dried Flower Based Paper and the sticker with the waste paper, making the packaging circular.

The company has already taken several measures in the area of sustainability. Not only within its own organisation and product, but certainly also within the entire chain. From mid-August, the first bunches of dried flowers will be rolled in the new paper and closed with the new stickers.


‘That we can now process our own dry residual waste in our own packaging is very special,’ emphasises Jan Lamboo (director owner of Lamboo Dried & Deco). He continues: ‘The paper is finished in the natural colour caused by the composition of our residual streams combined with FSC-certified cellulose from trees from the Ardennes. If you look closely, you can even see bits of flower and stem. The stickers too are made from our dried flower waste combined with post recycled paper and the same FSC certified cellulose’.

The paper is printed with bio-ink in the house style colour. The printing on the paper tells something about the material and makes a subtle link to Lamboo’s corporate branding. The stickers are also printed with low-impact ink.

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