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New dried products in our assortment

Dried flowers are completely on-trend at the moment. The dried flower and preserved product trends are influenced by trends that arise in other sectors. Because of these influences, Lamboo Dried & Deco are excited to add new dried products to the assortment.

Flower trends from the seventies & eighties

Retro is back! Especially in the furniture industry we see a lot of natural colors and outspoken prints from the seventies and eighties coming back. The trends from the furniture industry also have a big influence on the trends in the decorative industry. This means the seventies and eighties trends also continue for dried flowers and preserved products.

New, trendy dried flowers

Because of this new trend in decorative industry, Lamboo Dried & Deco has added a couple of new products to their assortment. These lovely new stems are: Typha, also known as bulrush or reedmace, natural forms of Palm spear and Arundo donax, which is a tall perennial cane. These dried flowers are natural, sustainable products and because of their rustic character, they work really well with the latest trends.

Shop dried products from Lamboo Dried & Deco

Do you want to know more about all the products in our assortment? Flip through and download our catalogues or contact us for more information. It’s also possible to make an appointment to visit our showroom and see our full collection.

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