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New in our assortment: Preserved flowers

Since the start of Lamboo Dried & Deco we have always had a large range of dried flowers and other dried natural decorations. With the launch of our new website, we are also launching a new assortment of preserved flowers!

Process of preserved flowers

When creating preserved flowers, it all starts with a rehydration process by being placed in a mixture, made from glycerin and other plant elements. This liquid mixture gradually rises through the trunk until it completely substitutes the sap. After a few days, the preservation process of the flowers is complete. Now the flower is ready to be used in arrangements or other dried natural decorations.

Preserved flower arrangements

After undergoing the preservation process, a flexible flower with a completely natural appearance is left. A beautiful preserved flower! The preservation process works for months and even years. That’s how long the flower keeps its colour and freshness. Nowadays many arrangement or dried flowers are combined with other exotics and even preserved products. These types of natural dried materials are very durable and perfect to use in an everlasting and memorable arrangement. If you would see a ‘fresh’ and ‘preserved’ flower next to each other would you be able to tell the difference?

Shop preserved flowers from Lamboo Dried & Deco

Want to know more about our assortment of preserved flowers? Flip through and/or download our catalogues to see our full preserved flowers collection! Want to know more about our preserved flowers or the preservation process? Contact us or make an appointment to visit our showroom!

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