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5 benefits of dried flowers

Dried flowers are really popular at the moment and with good reason! They have many benefits. That’s why we, at Lamboo Dried & Deco, have listed a few of the main benefits!

1. Dried flowers are long-lasting

One of the biggest benefits of dried flowers is the fact that they last a really long time. Our process still guarantees us the best colouring and quality preservation. As you might know, dried flowers own their reputation to their durability, but also their 100% natural product identity. Dried flowers last an average of one year and when the dried flowers are dyed, they even last a couple of years. In compression: fresh flowers only last up to 10 days. So, with dried flowers you are able to create a long-lasting arrangement and bouquet.

2. Dried flowers don’t have to be watered

For the flower lovers that don’t feel like they can take care of real flowers, dried flowers are the way to go. Dried flowers are dried, which means they don’t need any water or taking care of in general.

3. Dried flowers can be used for event decor

Why would dried flowers be a ‘must’ for any event? Well, with fresh flowers, the decor has to be prepared on the same day because they will wither and eventually die. Because dried flowers have gone through a drying process, they will stay natural and will look beautiful throughout the whole event.

4. Dried flowers in all shapes, colours and sizes

Just like fresh flowers, dried flowers are available is many shapes, colours and sizes. From Nigella, Helichrysum, Delphinium, Rodanthe, roses, acroclinium, Sanfordii and Echinops to Lavender, Avena, Triticum, Phalaris and Lagurus. We rely on our own ability to bring added value to the imported natural picks through an ethical supply chain. In house we are able to dye (colouring), glitter, snow, frost, scent and spice the product ourselves.

5. Dried flowers for all seasons

Since we dye our dried flowers, this allows us to provide trendy and seasonal colours continuously. Our large range of dried flowers enables us to make dried flowers available all year round, although they only flower in summer. For example, for Christmas we have Triticum in different colours and with glitters! Don’t forget to browse through our two Christmas themed catalogues (X-mas Dried Products & X-mas Picks) to see the products we have available for Christmas time.

Dried flowers from Lamboo Dried & Deco

Lamboo Dried & Deco has over 35 years of experience with dried flowers. Our founder, Koos Lamboo, started with the production of dried flowers in 1982 and developed a unique process to dry the natural materials. Nowadays we are unique as the main Dutch Dried Flower producer in the world, in a market where Dried Flowers are trendy. Contact us if you’re interested in our dried flowers or want to view our full collection in our showroom in Lisse.

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