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NEW IN: Coloured pampas grass

It feels like we were just harvesting our dried flowers. At the moment, you see dried grasses everywhere, especially pampas grass. We are excited to share more about our pampas grass collection and want to share our new coloured pampas grass!

Pampas grass, also known as Cortaderia selloana

Pampas grass or Cortaderia selloana is a well-known grass species with large white panicles. They are available in different heights and flower colours. The basic version of pampas grass reaches an average height of 2 meters. Most people think pampas grass reminds them of a feather, because the grass looks very fluffy. Right now, we are so excited to have pampas grass back in stock again as there is a huge demand for these trendy stems at the moment.

New pampas grass colours

Our product development team has also been perfecting some fantastic new colours as part of our Misty Collection. Besides the natural pampas grass, we now have three new, bright and unique colours in our collection. The pink, light blue and coral colours are just gorgeous, if we say so ourselves!

The colours we have available at the moment:

  • 000.0 | Natural Cortaderia/Pampasgrass plum
  • 057.0 | Pink misty Cortaderia/Pampasgrass plum
  • 028.0 | Coral misty Cortaderia/Pampasgrass plum
  • 007.0 | Light blue misty Cortaderia/Pampasgrass plum
  • 000.0 | Natural Fluffy reed grass/miscanthus

Dyeing at our own atelier

At our facility in Lisse, we have our own professional dyeing room. This dyeing room gives us the ability to add value to our products, like pampas grass. This way we can ensure quality and a quick and flexible respond on the demand of our customers. Besides dyeing (colouring), we offer the following added values: glittering, snowing, frosting, scenting and spicing. All materials (dyes) we use in our own professional dyeing room are certified and our wastewater is cleaned by our own water purification plant.

Trendy, coloured pampas grass from Lamboo Dried & Deco

Dried pampas grass is perfect to use as home decor or as decoration at an event. Since they are dried, the pampas grass will stay beautiful for such a long time! Create a unique arrangement with products out of our new Misty Collection. Contact us for more information or browse through our Dried Products catalogue.

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