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After sowing flowers, begins harvesting and processing of our dried flowers

At the beginning of May our growers started sowing the flower field, which meant the beginning of the growth process of our Lamboo Dried & Deco dried flowers! Our process always starts by sowing all of the flower seeds on different fields throughout The Netherlands. Every couple of weeks, we have taken very good care of the flowers in the fields, which have resulted in beautiful, colourful flowers.

Harvesting dried flowers

Harvesting dried flowers

When all of the flowers in the flower fields are fully grown, we start harvesting the flowers. This all happens the traditional way by hand using a hand scythe or sickle. Currently we have harvested many different dried flowers (to be), such as: Titicum, Triticale, Lavender, Acroclinium, Avena, Rhodanthe and Delphinium.

Our unique drying process

These dried flowers (to be) have just arrived at our location in Lisse. This is where they will all be hung in bunches upside down and then go into our drying rooms in Lisse. After drying the flowers, we collect the dried flowers in bunches and process them. As we speak, we are packing up all the orders and will be shipping out all of our fresh dried flowers.

The entire dried flower harvest is expected in mid-August (subject to weather of course)!

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