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Sowing season for our dried flowers has started!

All of our growers have sown in recent weeks, which sets the beginning of the growth process of our dried flowers. Many extra hectares of flowers have been set out at various growers. All of our flowers and grains are sown outside, in nature. They are therefore real natural products.

Since the flowers are sown outside on a flower field, they are dependent on the weather conditions. As we all know, in The Netherlands the weather conditions can change almost every second. The weather conditions determine the moment of sowing every year. Sometimes it is too dry and sometimes it is too wet. If it is too wet, the seeds can literally wash away.

We are hopeful we’ll have a lovely and gradual summer without any thunderstorms or hailstorms and enough sunshine so the flowers will beautifully mature. In about 3 to 4 months we will able to harvest and then we are ready to further the drying process.

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