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Higg FEM

We are pleased to present our recently acquired certificate for successfully completing the self-assessment of Higg Facility Environmental Module, or Higg FEM.

Higg FEM is a renowned organisation dedicated to corporate sustainability assessment, evaluating various aspects including water consumption, wastewater, greenhouse gases, waste streams, energy consumption and chemicals. This certificate confirms that we thoroughly participated in their assessment process and provided all required information.

While this certificate in itself reflects our successful completion of the self-assessment, it is also a step towards future initiatives to further reduce our environmental impact. It is our ambition to continue contributing to a more sustainable future.
It is encouraging to see that more and more of our customers expect transparency and responsibility from their suppliers regarding their environmental impact. With our ETI certification we focus on ethical issues relating to employees and stakeholders, Higg FEM focuses specifically on environmental issues.

This certification is not only a recognition of our efforts so far, but also an encouragement to continue pursuing sustainable business practices.

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