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Our Dried Concepts

At Lamboo, alongside our individual Dried Products, we offer ready-made Dried Concepts. These concepts vary in size, composition, arrangement, binding method, and price.
In our Dried Concepts brochure, you’ll find a clear overview of all our bouquets. Let us explain them to you.

Trio Mixed Bunch

A composed bouquet featuring 3 types of dried flowers, allowing you to create your own charming bouquet. The stems of this bunch are approximately 55 cm long. These flowers are elegantly wrapped in our Dried Flower Based Paper, made from our own dried flower waste. In addition to the regular Trio Mixed Bunch, we also offer a version with what we call a “Pick,” or a loose stem. This adds an extra touch to the bouquet’s composition.

Mixed Bunch

The Mixed Bunch also consists of 3 types of dried flowers. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, this bouquet is more generous in the number of flowers compared to the Trio Mixed Bunch. Similarly, it is packed in Dried Flower Based Paper, with stems approximately 55 cm long.


A short bouquet, approximately 35 cm tall, consisting of 4 to 6 carefully combined flower varieties. These flowers vary in height, creating a playful effect when placed in a vase. Packed in a sustainable kraft sleeve, the bouquet is laid flat. With the front of the sleeve lower than the back and adorned with a matching sticker, it presents itself as a gift.


A Smart bouquet comprises 4 flower types bound into a bouquet. Traditionally tied and wrapped in our unique Dried Flower Based Paper, the Smart bouquet stands at approximately 50 cm tall.

Loose Fit

Our Loose Fit bouquet, approximately 50 cm tall, is loosely bound, consisting of various flowers, grasses, or grains at different heights. This creates an airy, playful bouquet reminiscent of a hand-picked arrangement.


Trendy bouquets are substantial, standing at approximately 55 cm tall. With 5 different flower types exuberantly bound, varying stem heights lend vivacity to the bouquet, evoking the appearance of a wildflower bouquet. Rolled loosely in our unique Dried Flower Based Paper, the Trendy bouquet exudes exclusivity and style.


As the name suggests, the Large bouquet is our grandest, resembling a florist’s bouquet. With around 6 different flower types, it is a true showstopper standing at approximately 55 cm tall. The bouquet is traditionally bound, boasting a more classic look.

For more information on our Dried Concepts, you can easily contact our Salesteam on or call: +31 252 213 109.


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